Why Buying FRIDGEFRESH® From Authorized Retailers Matters

As the digital age progresses, growth in the online marketplace has provided customers with opportunities for growth and low-cost availability direct from FRIDGEFRESH®. It has also added a few challenges as some unauthorized resellers on sites like Amazon or eBay have falsely led consumers to believe that warranties are available when bought through third-party vendors that are not affiliated with FRIDGEFRESH® or authorized dealers. So, we thought it would be an ideal time to go over our warranty so that our customers receive the guarantee they deserve.

What Is FRIDGEFRESH®’s Warranty?

When you buy a FRIDGEFRESH® unit from our website, you have thirty days to register your new FRIDGEFRESH® unit at https://www.activatedoxygentechnologies.com/register-your-product/.

Because we cannot guarantee when or where unauthorized resellers received our units, we are unable to offer a guarantee because unauthorized dealers do not provide the proper sale date you need to register the product. We strongly advise potential customers to verify retailer authorization or buy directly from our company website to avoid these issues in the future.

How Do Unauthorized Resellers Get FRIDGEFRESH® Products?

Sometimes, unauthorized resellers purchase products on clearance, resale, or from authorized dealers as returned items available at discounted prices. They may even receive counterfeit products from overseas companies that import them as gray market goods well below their value.

What Is Intellectual Property?

Because of the direct access to customers through websites like Amazon’s marketplace, many online dealers are infringing on intellectual property rights. If you are a regular Amazon customer, you often receive offers below the product description that provides links to other product sources. These dealers are unauthorized even though they offer trademarked packaging.

How Do I Spot Unauthorized Sellers?

Like many consumers, you probably search online by typing in something like FRIDGEFRESH® Amazon. Consumers tend to focus on product and price. It is in the fine print hidden away on a clickable tab that will tell you about your warranty or lack thereof. Some unauthorized dealers may not know that a third-party dealer violates FRIDGEFRESH® property rights. Ways to verify include:

  • If it was not sold on FRIDGEFRESH® website, it is not a direct manufacturer sale.
  • If it is a floor display or return, it is no longer considered new.
  • If it was sold by a third party, the company must be listed as an authorized dealer.
What Can I Do If I Bought A FRIDGEFRESH®Unit On A Third Party Marketplace?

If you have recently found out that your unit does not meet the warranty standards, you should remember that you have rights as a consumer. A great benefit of shopping on Amazon or eBay is that you receive guarantees that product you received was listed correctly. If you were promised a warranty and did not get it, you can return your unit to the seller and buy it from us directly.

Right now, you can receive a $5.00 coupon on fridgefresh.com which guarantees you are protected. You may contact us if you need further assistance or want additional information.



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