The Perfect Gift To Keep Food Fresh & Save Money

The Perfect Gift To Keep Food Fresh & Save Money: Patented FridgeFresh By BerryBreeze
Uses A Simple Solution From Nature To Reduce Household Food Waste And Keep Fruits &
Veggies Fresh Up To 3X Longer With Pure Activated Oxygen

Cost-Saving Appliance Uses Nature’s Most Powerful Purifier To Eliminate Common Bacteria That Triggers Food Decay

Wondering whether the light stays on when we close our refrigerator door is fun. Realizing what actually goes on behind closed refrigerator doors is shocking.

Consider these alarming stats: the average American family throws away some 30 to 40% of the foods they purchase because of spoilage. According to the National Resources Defense Council, that adds up to a staggering 33 million tons of food annually – hardly-good news for our pocketbook or for our environment. Indeed, food waste is a true first world problem today, with discarded food being America’s single largest contributor to methane emissions.

And let’s not forget that ordinary home refrigerators are breeding grounds for bad bacteria (up to 250,000!), harmful microbes and a veritable smorgasbord of nasty germs, viruses, mold, and odors. Under these conditions in a typical refrigerator, it’s no wonder fresh fruits and vegetables rot and spoil just days after they are purchased.

Maybe it’s best if the light stays off!

Unless, that is, you’ve just purchased or been given one of the most thoughtful and practical gifts imaginable: FridgeFresh by BerryBreeze ( – the ideal present for busy Moms or anyone who looking for an easier way to eat fresh without helplessly watching just-purchased food quickly go bad in the refrigerator or enduring the stressful routine of rushing to use up ingredients before they spoil.

Fridge Fresh uses a very clever weapon from Mother Nature – activated oxygen – to remove harmful pollutants and bacteria inside your refrigerator that trigger accelerated ripening and decay of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Activated oxygen is produced naturally in our atmosphere during thunderstorms when a molecule of oxygen is “activated” by the electrical charge of lightning, converting it from O2 to O3. The O3 molecule then seeks out and destroys polluting organic molecules by “oxidizing” them. Without O3, the air we breathe would become fatally toxic.

Deemed “The most exciting invention for the refrigerator in the last 100 years” by no less of an innovator than Lee Ioccoca, Fridge Fresh uses activated oxygen as nature’s most powerful purifier to create the same benefit inside your refrigerator (without the thunderstorm, of course!). This convenient and compact device, which is not much larger than a box of baking soda, releases activated oxygen in a timed sequence to remove the harmful bacteria, mold, microbes and ethylene gas that cause foods to spoil prematurely. In a newly purified oxygen-rich environment free from these elements, food stays fresh several days longer, without the need for traditional food storage containers, plastic bags, or plastic wraps.  Scientifically proven and approved by the FDA in June of 2001, activated oxygen is sanctioned as a safe and effective antimicrobial agent for use in direct contact with foods, food storage and processing. As
such, in addition to keeping food fresh for an extended period, the Fridge Fresh® device doubles as a non-toxic and safe alternative to cleaning products that use chemicals to rid your fridge of unwanted odors produced mainly by aging and decay of organic materials.
With only four “D” size batteries to operate it, and no filters to clean or absorption packs to replace, consumers can enjoy the benefits of a gift that truly keeps on giving year-round as they save up to thousands of dollars annually in wasted groceries. The handy FridgeFresh gadget maintains the optimum level of activated oxygen at all times by switching from active mode to standby mode in cycles until the batteries need replacement (usually four to six months). What’s more, Fridge Fresh by BerryBreeze is backed with a 30-day money back guarantee and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Available on the site for only $39.98 (shipping is free) and in select retail stores, FridgeFresh can help save more than $2,000 a year in food waste and pays for itself almost in the first week or two.

Perhaps best of all, as a product which seamlessly blends technology and nature to promote better health, cost savings and a more sustainable lifestyle with less food waste and less plastic waste, FridgeFresh makes a welcome and wholly original gift for anyone with a refrigerator (in other words, just about all of us!), including friends, colleagues, new homeowners, new parents, vegans and vegetarians, raw and organic food enthusiasts, nutritionists, fitness devotees, yogis, chefs and environmentalists – all of whom will feel good about reducing their carbon footprint and saving money in the process.

Commented Kevin Brooks, CEO of FridgeFresh parent company BerryBreeze, “Giving a FridgeFresh as a gift not only means you’ve taken the time to seek out a truly thoughtful present, but that you want the people in your life to be as happy and healthy as possible. It’s truly amazing what a profound impact a single gadget can have on the lives of people everywhere. That’s why we’re not just a company but a community of believers with a passion to help people everywhere enjoy a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.”

About FridgeFresh by BerryBreeze
FridgeFresh by BerryBreeze is a battery operated device that releases pure activated oxygen on a timed sequence to extend the life of raw fruits and vegetables up to three times longer and eliminates refrigerator odors by neutralizing common bacteria and harmful microbes that exist naturally in household refrigerators. The breakthrough Fridge Fresh technology was conceived by Dr. Lee Graham who has served on a variety of National Academy of Science committees including Nutrition and Microbiology. Dr. Graham was also featured on ABC News as one of the leading authorities on ozone and its applications in food preservation. For more information, visit and for a fun and descriptive video about this game-changing product, please go to:

FridgeFresh Key Benefits Summary
• Extends life of fresh foods (up to 3X longer)
• Reduces food waste and saves money (up to $2,000 per year)
• Sanitizes your fridge (eliminates bacteria, mold, etc.)
• Maximizes nutritional value of fresh foods
• Eliminates refrigerator orders
• No maintenance

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