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Eating fresh is a choice

Why choosing fresh foods over processed is now more convenient than ever

At Activated Oxygen Technologies, we have a passion to prove that eating more fruits and vegetables is the simplest change we can make to dramatically improve our health. Many of us try our best to make ...

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preserve organic fruits and vegetables

Ozone as Mother Nature’s perfect natural solution

Mother Nature designed a clever weapon to remove harmful pollutants and bacteria in our environment.  Activated oxygen, also known as O3 or ozone, is supercharged oxygen in it's most impressive form.  O3 is created in ...

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How To Keep Avocados Fresh For A Month

  Keeping avocados fresh for weeks sounds like a fairytale to most people.  But if you own a FRIDGE FRESH unit you know, it's not only possible, it’s actually pretty normal.  Avocados can easily stay fresh for weeks, ...

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fruit basket

Ethylene Knowledge Is Power

  Keep Your Fruits and Vegetables Fresh Longer One of the things we love this time of year are big, beautiful, edible centerpieces made up of colorful fruits and vegetables.  It takes more than just an artful ...

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Parenting Tips To Help Kids Eat Healthy

  You don’t need a degree in nutrition to raise healthy kids. But what makes the biggest difference when it comes to helping your kids develop good healthy eating habits? First and foremost, it’s your attitude ...

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