About Us

Welcome to FRIDGE FRESH®! FRIDGE FRESH® is a small device using activated oxygen to kill pollutants and microbes once placed in your refrigerator. Pollutants and microbes are what causes fresh produce to welt and mold at a faster rate. With FRIDGE FRESH® your family can prolong the shelf life of fruits and other produce by 7-10 days. This not only ensures your family eats healthy longer but also keeps more money in your pocket!

Families everywhere are now discovering the benefits of replacing canned fruits and vegetables with fresh produce because of FRIDGE FRESH®. Having handfuls of fresh fruits and vegetables easily accessible for morning smoothies, afternoon snacks, and dinner side dishes allows for a healthier and happier household.

FRIDGE FRESH® is a kitchen product brought to you by Activated Oxygen Technologies. For additional information about our company, you can visit us our website.

Fridge Fresh by BerryBreeze

Studies show the fresher the fruits and vegetables we consume, the less susceptible we are to illness and disease, and that means living longer, more fulfilling lives. Having healthy fruits and vegetables within reach is the first step to eating more of them. Now people everywhere are discovering just how easy it is to replace processed foods with healthier alternatives, simply by having handfuls of fresh fruits and vegetables at their fingertips.

Unfortunately, we hear all too often from families, that purchasing fresh produce is not an option because they aren’t able to consume all the produce before it welts or molds in their refrigerators.

The days of sacrificing nutrition for convenience are over. It’s a long journey to minimize our intake of processed foods.  It may be unrealistic to think we can eliminate processed foods entirely. But one thing is for sure, we can make a significant positive impact on our health by choosing natural and nutritious foods more often. We’ve simplified the process of extending the life of fresh fruits and vegetables so they can be available longer for people. And as a result, we created a solution that makes saying YES to healthy food choices easier and more convenient than ever before.