If You’re Throwing It Away, Don’t Complain

There comes a time where you’ll hop on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media channels only to read a recent post from an acquaintance complaining about something that you know they are doing as well.

Or how about when you read a tweet from your favorite celebrity only to see them back-pedaling with a public apology for what they said or did.

Practice what you preach, anyone?!  The same is true for households.

If you say you’re one thing, such as an environmentally-friendly or green household, follow what you’re preaching. Purchase only items that will increase your household to be 100% environmentally-friendly with products that support these claims. Post about environmentally-friendly, toxic-free, or green products on your social media channels and help educate your family and friends on ways you implement and use these items in your everyday life.

If you are not doing this, and you’re throwing things away regularly (average household throws away 40 pounds of garbage per week), then don’t complain when you hear news anchors discussing topics like global-warming or ozone layers.

Ways to Implement Toxic-Free Living in Households

Practicing toxic-free living in your household or everyday life has significant health benefits. Here are a few ways you can turn your household from toxic to toxic-free:

  • Using an activated oxygen technology system to remove microbes and pollutants from the air you breathe and from fruits and produce you purchase. The FRIDGE FRESH unit is a small device that is inserted into household refrigerators. The device uses activated technology to remove microbes and pollutants which prolongs the lifespan of your fresh produce. This not only saves your household money on groceries but allows household members to get natural vitamins and antioxidants in their diets longer.
  • Purchase only toxic-free household products. This includes shampoo, conditioner, hair dye, cleaning supplies, soap, lotion, and even many clothing brands are becoming toxic-free! Check the labels on each item you purchase and if you see words like “All Natural – Paraben-Free – Toxic Free – Organic” these are the products you want.
  • Purchase food from an all-natural store such as Trader Joes or Whole Foods. When you purchase natural (Aka – organic) this means the farm where the food was produced did not use harsh chemicals on or around the garden plants that made the produce. For animal products such as organic eggs, this means the farmers who own the chicken coops do not feed their chickens anything that has chemicals or that is not all natural.
  • Stop purchasing in abundance! Households on average throw away 40 pounds of garbage, but do you know what the average money waste is? A LOT! Stop complaining when you get the credit card bill, waste-management bill, or utility bills if you haven’t created a strategy to remove these unhealthy habits from your life. Instead, create a strategy that your family can implement to better serve the world, your community, and your home.

Weed Out Negativity and Filter Positivity

Complaining is not going to get your household anywhere and the negative energy that comes from complaining or worrying about others will only spread throughout other members of the family. Instead, take that negative energy and turn it into positive ACTION!

There are scientific studies that show if you’re consistent with your daily routines, stay positive and live a life where you vow to remove unhealthy habits – you’ll live a healthier life full of FRESHness. Educate others on how to become the moral of what they are preaching and remember to also act upon your own household morals.  

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