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5 Reasons Why FRIDGE FRESH Kills Fridge Odors Better Than Other Methods

Are you thinking about buying a product for your fridge to counterbalance the odors you keep smelling every time you open the door even though you have cleaned it countless times? It happens to everyone, from forgotten leftovers to produce that went bad all too quickly. There are dozens of products, but here are five reasons why buying a Fridge Fresh will kill fridge odors better and faster than any ...

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How To Get Rid Of Funky Fridge Odors

Do you have problems with refrigerator odors? There is a lot of odor removing methods to get rid of funky fridge smells, but unless you find a full-time solution, the day-in-and-out contact will only ensure they quickly return. There are lots of innovative solutions, though, from a thorough cleaning to allowing Fridge Fresh kill bacteria, mold, and fungus on contact. Step One: Defrost the refrigerator completely. Make sure to put a ...

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Causes Of Fridge Odors

Top 6 Causes Of Fridge Odors

Refrigerator odors are very easy to detect but extremely difficult to get rid of no matter how much cleaning solution, mint, or vanilla you clean with. Some people assume that odors are the cause of food spoilage which prevents them from finding the real culprit in sources like manufacturing materials, cleaning supplies, or hard-to-reach products. Here are the six most likely causes of fridge odors that have a simple Fridge ...

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5 Ways To Remove Odors From Your Fridge

Just about every odor in your refrigerator comes from good intentions whether it was from trying to use leftovers, forgetting meat thawing on the bottom shelf, or fruits and vegetables that went bad before your family had time to consume them. Here are five ways to remove odors from your fridge without the use of harmful chemicals or expensive odor neutralizers. 1. Buy A Fridge Fresh Unit Buying a Fridge Fresh ...

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The Number 1 Non-Toxic Odor Remover For Your Refrigerator- Fridge Fresh

Refrigerator smells are common. For the most part, aging food is found to be the culprit. The problem is that plastic absorbs odors which becomes even more problematic long-term. If you are looking for a non-toxic odor remover, Fridge Fresh will solve both issues permanently. Historically, people have chosen to do a cleanout and deep cleanse which often takes hours to complete. People also choose to throw everything away if the ...

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5 Ways To Save Money By Prolonging The Life Of Your Produce

Every parent has good intentions at the grocery store when it comes to providing a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals for the family. You also may be someone who stocks up when you find a sale. Are those good intentions quickly dashed when you notice your overabundance of fruits and vegetables slowly wasting away? Thanks to a blend of old-school innovation and new-age technology, here are five ways to ...

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How Activated Oxygen Technology Removes Bacteria in Air

Did you know that oxidation is a nontoxic odor remover? What is oxidation? Oxidation occurs when ozone, a gas, forms because of an electrical charge which naturally converts oxygen into ozone. It takes three oxygen molecules to convert ozone. It is when the three molecules produce oxidization that it triggers a response and kills micro-organisms like bacteria, fungus, mildew, and mold. It also targets odors by oxidizing particles that are ...

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How to get rid of Bad Refrigerator Smells and Odors

I let some veggies rot in my refrigerator, and now there’s a really foul smell. How do I get rid of it? - MIKE S., TULSA, OK Funny you should ask: A neighbor once gave us a fridge she’d left unplugged with rotting meat inside—so we know whereof we speak. First: You’ve tossed the veg cadavers and used a spray cleaner, right? If not, for God’s sake, man, go do it now. If the stench ...

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5 Non-Toxic Ways to Remove Fridge Odors

If you’ve ever opened your refrigerator and been blown away by the scent that escaped from its depths, you are not alone. Many people have a difficult time keeping their refrigerators odor-free, especially if they forget to throw away old food before it begins to mold and rot. While refrigerator odors are known to be ridiculously stubborn and difficult to remove, you don’t need to resort to scrubbing your shelves down ...

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How Much Money Are You Wasting Without This Simple Technology In Your Fridge?

Did you know that most families in America throw away 30% or more of the food they purchase every year? That's a lot of hard-earned money wasted on spoiled food that ends up in the trash can! Most people believe it’s a fact of life that there will always be food that goes bad in the refrigerator, and they will be destined to throw out spoiled food every month. Which is completely ...

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5 Tips To Keep Your Fridge Smelling Clean

There are many things that can contribute to unpleasant odors inside your refrigerator, including rotten food, mold, and open containers. Removing these odors can be a major hassle, but there are ways to get a clean refrigerator smell such as when you first purchased your appliance. If you are struggling to eliminate unpleasant odors from your refrigerator, take a look at the five tips below, and see why you never ...

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