Top 10 Ways To Make Your Kitchen More Eco-Friendly

Going green does not have to mean a big investment of your time or money. There are plenty of changes that you can practice that will make your kitchen eco-friendly. Here are ten affordable and simple ways to go green without having to renovate your kitchen. 1. Set Up A Recycling Area Because you use the most recyclables in your kitchen, it makes the most sense to set up your recycling center ...

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10 Simple Ways To Create Less Food Waste

Food waste is influencing communities globally to find new ways to reduce landfill garbage. From using FRIDGEFRESH®’s activated oxygen technology to storage practices, families are working to change the world where they live. Here are ten simple ways to create less food waste. 1. Know What You Have In The Pantry How often do you check your pantry and refrigerator before buying more? How often do you find fruits or veggies that ...

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Best Ways to RePurpose Food

People often see food in a singular way for sustainability. They cook dinner and throw out the rest which sits for years in local landfills. What if you could eliminate food waste completely? Some countries like France, Japan, and China are showing the world how to do just that. As these countries lead the global initiative to end waste, others like the United States, Norway, and Singapore are looking for the ...

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Best Ways To Reduce Waste

According to 2016 EPA data, each person contributes to 4.4 pounds of waste daily. Over a year, a family of four produces 6,424 pounds of trash in a landfill. So, how do you combat it? Here are seven of the best ways to reduce waste while being an environmentally-friendly family. Extend Shelf Life Of Food  One of the most significant contributions to waste is the loss of food because of spoilage. Investing ...

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If You Could Prolong Fresh Produce Life By 7-10 Days, Would You?

There’s a psychological epidemic that says it takes 21 days to change a habit, more recently it’s been suggested that it takes upwards to 45 days. You might be thinking, “What does this have to do with prolonging fresh produce?” Stay with us. Let us tell you. How our minds work, our buying patterns and choice of language is all a habit. When you walk into the grocery store and you vow ...

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Unique Fruits Your Family Will Love

Unless you are a world traveler, your knowledge of exotic fruit names is probably as limited to those offered at your farmer’s market. While bananas, apples, and grapes are readily available sources of vitamins and minerals, an excellent way to diversify your diet is by trying exotic fruits. Fresh Fridge has identified seven unique fruits your family will love. Tamarillo  This reddish fruit is a native to South America. People often ...

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The Best Fruits To Buy During Spring

On March 20th, we officially said goodbye to winter and welcomed in the spring. As a natural period of rebirth, this time of year offers produce aficionados access to the newly harvested fruit. Spring fruit availability diversifies the diet and provides access to macronutrients which the body needs to function. Here Are Eight Of The Best Fruits To Buy During Spring. Apricots: Spanish explorers receive the credit for introducing Americans to apricots. At ...

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5 Tips for Keeping Summer Berries Fresh Longer

Save yourself money and disappointment—try these tips for making those summer berries last. Much like summer itself, perfectly ripe berries are here and gone before you know it. The fragile little fruits do not come cheap and they often turn into a congealed moldy mess before you have a chance to finish them. Because of their delicate, moist skin, berries are magnets for microscopic mold spores and bacteria. Save yourself the ...

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Spend Money Where It Counts When Buying Organic

Eating healthy is important, but paying the bills is important too!  Buying all organic fruits and vegetables can be expensive.  We’re here to give you skinny on which ones you don’t need to buy organic so you can spend your money on organic where it really matters. Why do certain fruits and vegetables have more pesticides than others? Well once you know the answer, it makes perfect sense. A thick outer ...

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Keep Lettuce Fresh

How To Keep Lettuce Fresh And Your Grocery Bill Down

Cost of lettuce on the rise You may have noticed that lettuce is getting expensive these days.   It's a fact that we are shelling out a few dollars more for lettuce and leafy greens as a result of the epic 5-year drought in California.  Although some are saying the drought has come to end, it may be a while before grocery shoppers begin to feel some relief at the check-out ...

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cucumbers apples

How to keep apples, cucumbers, and berries fresh for weeks

Here is what you need to know to keep these three fresh favorites edible at home for weeks  apples can be troublemakers Apples can be stored at room temperature on the counter for a few days.  If you’re planning to keep them 3 days or more, store them in the refrigerator BUT be careful what other fruits and vegetables you put them next to. Apples naturally produce high levels of ethylene on ...

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winter cabbage soup

Tips For Keeping Winter Foods Fresh Longer – Cabbage

Most fruits and vegetables are available across the country all year long.  But the truth is that our appetite can change during winter months.  We tend to reach for warm comfort foods and spices when it’s dreary and cold outside, craving less cold salads and raw produce.  That’s natural and perfectly ok, especially when we can take advantage of the amazing health benefits seasonal winter fruits and vegetables offer during ...

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