Best Ways to RePurpose Food

People often see food in a singular way for sustainability. They cook dinner and throw out the rest which sits for years in local landfills. What if you could eliminate food waste completely? Some countries like France, Japan, and China are showing the world how to do just that. As these countries lead the global initiative to end waste, others like the United States, Norway, and Singapore are looking for the ...

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Top Summer Fruits And Veggies

With summer gardens overflowing with healthy produce, we thought you would like to know which ones to choose to make fresh, heat quenching recipes that make those summer days unforgettable. Here are the top summer fruits and veggies that your family will appreciate as you create memories that include a few FRIDGEFRESH®summer dishes. 1. Melons HariMitti has an informative article entitled, “What To Eat To Beat The Heat” which lists essential produce ...

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Food-Saving Tips and Tricks

In America, 40% of food ends up in landfills which the EPA estimates for Americans is $161 billion annually. If you are a parent who cooks and clears the table, you know exactly how much food in your household goes from the table to the garbage each day. Even when you refrigerate meals, the shelf life is so short that most families forget to eat them. More families are starting ...

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Recipe Round-Up! 3 Easy Dinner’s

Let’s face it. Monday to Friday are the worst days to prepare home-cooked meals. From work to school, most parents want easy-to-cook recipes after an exhausting day at the office. So, what if you could have easy homemade meals? Here is our favorite recipe round-up. Three easy dinners will leave your family well-fed and ready for the leftovers. Spicy Salmon and Cilantro Rice  Ingredients: Salmon Fillets (One Per Family Member) Olive Oil 1 Lime Squeezed ...

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Unique Fruits Your Family Will Love

Unless you are a world traveler, your knowledge of exotic fruit names is probably as limited to those offered at your farmer’s market. While bananas, apples, and grapes are readily available sources of vitamins and minerals, an excellent way to diversify your diet is by trying exotic fruits. Fresh Fridge has identified seven unique fruits your family will love. Tamarillo  This reddish fruit is a native to South America. People often ...

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Eco Friendly Tips for Busy Moms

For mothers worldwide, it is a bit daunting to work, care for the home, and take care of the family. On top of these daily tasks, many supermoms also rise to the challenge by making lifestyle choices that are environmentally safe for family members as well. Here are three eco-friendly tips for busy moms that will save time, energy, and money. Cut Down On Food Costs And Waste One of the weekly ...

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5 Vegetables You Can Re-Grow Again and Again

According to Statistica, American families spend 1.46 trillion on groceries while redeeming 2.75 billion in consumer packaged goods (CPG) coupons. The average family pays about $135.00 per week on food, and during those weeks that you experience unexpected car repairs or medical emergencies, that price tag can be a stressful motivator to find ways to reduce household spending. You might be surprised to learn that it is highly cost-effective to ...

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The Benefits of Eating Raw Vegetables

Did you know that you are supposed to eat three servings of vegetables each day? Nutrients are essential because the body does not process them and relies on food intake to supply what it needs. According to the CDC, however, only 10% of adults reach the daily recommendation. Eating vegetables daily is a crucial part any diet because your body needs a balance of nutrients to function correctly. Supports Weight Loss Consuming ...

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National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition Month (NNM) is an annual event presented by the Academy of Nutrition and Diabetics. The yearly campaign educates the public about food selection, eating habits, health, and the necessity for physical activity. The theme for the 2018 NNM campaign is Go Further With Food which will provide two primary benefits to participants. First, healthy food serves as macronutrients that help your body function properly. Your energy level goes further ...

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keep asparagus fresh

The Many Benefits of Eating Asparagus

Asparagus Season Has Arrived. Even though you can find asparagus outside of these next few months, now is the time to really enjoy it.  The amount of time that goes by between the time asparagus is picked and when you eat it will greatly impact the flavor. Generally, after asparagus is picked, the sugars inside the asparagus turn to starch causing the stalks to become woody and bland. So keep an ...

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fresh celery sticks

Keep Carrots, Celery and Asparagus Fresh For Weeks

A crisp stalk of celery filled with peanut butter has stood the test of time as a scrumptious and filling snack.  The key word here is "crisp".  No amount of peanut butter can make up for soggy and soft celery. Here are some easy tips you can follow to store your fruits and vegetables properly in order to keep them crisp and fresh for weeks. Prolong the life of your produce ...

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egg labels

The Truth About Egg Labels

It’s Springtime! We happily welcome the warm weather as we see plants, trees, flowers and vegetation all come back to life again.  In honor of Spring, we examine the beloved egg - an ancient symbol of rebirth and new life – and a staple in our refrigerator. If you enjoy eggs for breakfast and you’re trying to get fit for bathing suit season, you’ll be happy to learn that people who ...

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