Do You Know How Much Waste Your Family Creates?

Going grocery shopping, to the local farmers market, and even to the mall are all fun activities for the entire household. Not so fun is having to swipe your card with a hefty bill and then later realizing you dumped half of those groceries in the garbage either from creating too much food per meal (leftovers) or by having food sit and mold. Waste consumption is piling up in landfills across ...

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What Do Families + Landfills Have in Common?

There’s a common misconception that families should purchase enough food to last them 2 weeks or sometimes - an entire month! With this mentality, it is no wonder Americans throw away 33 million tons of spoilage from their refrigerators every year. Did you know, that’s enough to fill the Rose Bowl every 3 days? A better practice is to create a list of what your family needs for the week and ...

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moldy food

How To Eliminate Moldy Food In Your Fridge

Have you ever thought to yourself … how bad is it REALLY to eat food that has a little mold on it? We have an answer for you.  Mold is a fungus that grows on a microscopic level.  It starts small, and grows bigger and bigger until you can eventually see it with the naked eye.  The mold also grows tiny strands called Hyphae that spread out beyond the main mold ...

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