Best Ways To Reduce Waste

According to 2016 EPA data, each person contributes to 4.4 pounds of waste daily. Over a year, a family of four produces 6,424 pounds of trash in a landfill. So, how do you combat it? Here are seven of the best ways to reduce waste while being an environmentally-friendly family. Extend Shelf Life Of Food  One of the most significant contributions to waste is the loss of food because of spoilage. Investing ...

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Food-Saving Tips and Tricks

In America, 40% of food ends up in landfills which the EPA estimates for Americans is $161 billion annually. If you are a parent who cooks and clears the table, you know exactly how much food in your household goes from the table to the garbage each day. Even when you refrigerate meals, the shelf life is so short that most families forget to eat them. More families are starting ...

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store apples

Best Way To Store Apples

Apples can be trouble makers Apples are delicious.  We LOVE apples. But apples aren't as innocent as they look.  Apples can be real trouble makers when it comes to keeping other fruits and vegetables fresh at home.   You can store apples at room temperature on the counter for a few days.  To ripen an apple, simple place it in a brown paper bag and let it sit. If you’re planning to ...

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