Updated Technology- Revolutionizing Your Refrigerator

Looking back over the history of technological advancement, the refrigerator stands out as one of the most critical inventions in our history. While refrigeration began in the 1750s, it was not until 1913 that home refrigeration became popular. It revolutionized how families consumed food, but it also brought about a change in usability as food that used to have a short shelf life could then be saved and used with ...

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How Activated Oxygen Technology Works

The FRIDGE FRESH unit is a groundbreaking product that revolutionizes how budget-conscious families can use technology to extend the shelf life of refrigerated products. According to NRDC, Americans waste about 40% of farm-produced food annually which equates to about $165 billion. Because of the large amount of avoidable waste, it is of significant value to learn how activated oxygen technology works since families can extend fruit and vegetable availability by ...

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ozone molecules

10 Reasons To Love Ozone

We heart ozone.  We just cant' say enough about how much we LOVE it! Here are 10 fun ozone (aka Activated Oxygen) facts: Ozone is a smart, inexpensive and safe solution as an anti-microbial agent for foods. Ozone kills bacteria 3,000 times faster than chlorine. Ozone is chemical free. Ozone is eco-friendly with only one by-product - oxygen. Ozone has full FDA approval for contact with foods, food storage, and food ...

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Ozone Safe For Refrigerator

Is Ozone Safe For The Refrigerator

YES, Fridge Fresh is perfectly safe for household use. O3 is used to treat air and water in many important applications to help purify our environment and promote better health.  O3 is an unstable gas, holding it's form for no more than 30 minutes  before converting back to pure oxygen, O2.  This is precisely why O3 can not be bottled or contained and must be generated on-site. As the Fridge Fresh refrigerator ...

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preserve organic fruits and vegetables

Ozone as Mother Nature’s perfect natural solution

Mother Nature designed a clever weapon to remove harmful pollutants and bacteria in our environment.  Activated oxygen, also known as O3 or ozone, is supercharged oxygen in it's most impressive form.  O3 is created in our atmosphere during thunderstorms when a molecule of oxygen is "activated" by the electrical charge of lightning.  Think science class for a moment.  When lightening or electricity makes contact with oxygen,  the O2 molecule separates into ...

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