The FRIDGE FRESH® unit is a small food preservation device that uses activated oxygen to kill pollutants and microbes once placed in your refrigerator. Pollutants and microbes are what causes fresh produce to welt and mold at a faster rate. With the FRIDGE FRESH® food preservation unit, your family can prolong the shelf life of fruits and other produce 3X longer. This not only ensures your family eats healthy longer but also keeps more money in your pocket!

Families everywhere are now discovering the benefits of preserving food as well as replacing canned fruits and vegetables with fresh produce because of the FRIDGE FRESH® food preservation unit. Having handfuls of fresh fruits and vegetables easily accessible for morning smoothies, afternoon snacks, and dinner side dishes allows for a healthier and happier household.

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The best $29.98 you will ever spend, and you will begin seeing results the day you start using your FRIDGEFRESH® unit.

  • Save up to $2,200 a year on groceries
  • Extend the life of your fruits and vegetables
  • Non-toxic fridge freshener
  • Removes odors from your refrigerator
  • No maintenance. No filters
  • Reduces food waste

The FRIDGEFRESH® unit releases activated oxygen (O3) to neutralize mold, yeast, fungus and other microbes, so that your produce stays fresh up to three times longer than normal.*

Safe and effective in refrigerators, storage units, and small uninhabited areas.

*Results may vary depending on age of produce at time of purchase, temperature, and humidity in refrigerator, as well as other factors.

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