moldy food

How To Eliminate Moldy Food In Your Fridge

Have you ever thought to yourself … how bad is it REALLY to eat food that has a little mold on it? We have an answer for you.  Mold is a fungus that grows on a microscopic level.  It starts small, and grows bigger and bigger until you can eventually see it with the naked eye.  The mold also grows tiny strands called Hyphae that spread out beyond the main mold ...

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Spend Money Where It Counts When Buying Organic

Eating healthy is important, but paying the bills is important too!  Buying all organic fruits and vegetables can be expensive.  We’re here to give you skinny on which ones you don’t need to buy organic so you can spend your money on organic where it really matters. Why do certain fruits and vegetables have more pesticides than others? Well once you know the answer, it makes perfect sense. A thick outer ...

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keep asparagus fresh

The Many Benefits of Eating Asparagus

Asparagus Season Has Arrived. Even though you can find asparagus outside of these next few months, now is the time to really enjoy it.  The amount of time that goes by between the time asparagus is picked and when you eat it will greatly impact the flavor. Generally, after asparagus is picked, the sugars inside the asparagus turn to starch causing the stalks to become woody and bland. So keep an ...

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fresh celery sticks

Keep Carrots, Celery and Asparagus Fresh For Weeks

A crisp stalk of celery filled with peanut butter has stood the test of time as a scrumptious and filling snack.  The key word here is "crisp".  No amount of peanut butter can make up for soggy and soft celery. Here are some easy tips you can follow to store your fruits and vegetables properly in order to keep them crisp and fresh for weeks. Prolong the life of your produce ...

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Keep Lettuce Fresh

How To Keep Lettuce Fresh And Your Grocery Bill Down

Cost of lettuce on the rise You may have noticed that lettuce is getting expensive these days.   It's a fact that we are shelling out a few dollars more for lettuce and leafy greens as a result of the epic 5-year drought in California.  Although some are saying the drought has come to end, it may be a while before grocery shoppers begin to feel some relief at the check-out ...

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Dr. Michael Murray

Dr. Michael Murray partners with FRIDGE FRESH to celebrate Earth Day with a clever solution

Just in time for Earth Day on April 22nd, Dr. Michael Murray shines the spotlight on a natural solution that can help people eat healthy and save the planet at the same time. Dr. Michael Murray, one of the leading authorities on nutrition and natural medicine, recently announced his support of a clever little device that makes it more convenient than ever to get your recommended dose of 5-7 servings of ...

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egg labels

The Truth About Egg Labels

It’s Springtime! We happily welcome the warm weather as we see plants, trees, flowers and vegetation all come back to life again.  In honor of Spring, we examine the beloved egg - an ancient symbol of rebirth and new life – and a staple in our refrigerator. If you enjoy eggs for breakfast and you’re trying to get fit for bathing suit season, you’ll be happy to learn that people who ...

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cucumbers apples

How to keep apples, cucumbers, and berries fresh for weeks

Here is what you need to know to keep these three fresh favorites edible at home for weeks  apples can be troublemakers Apples can be stored at room temperature on the counter for a few days.  If you’re planning to keep them 3 days or more, store them in the refrigerator BUT be careful what other fruits and vegetables you put them next to. Apples naturally produce high levels of ethylene on ...

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teens vegetables

Fight Teen Anxiety and Depression With Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

New research findings suggest that one simple way to combat teen anxiety and depression is to eat healthy fresh foods. The number of teens who experience anxiety and depression has spiked in the past few years since 2011.   A recent study by researchers in New Zealand* suggests that increasing consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables may improve mental health and well being in as little as 2 weeks. USDA dietary guidelines ...

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store apples

Best Way To Store Apples

Apples can be trouble makers Apples are delicious.  We LOVE apples. But apples aren't as innocent as they look.  Apples can be real trouble makers when it comes to keeping other fruits and vegetables fresh at home.   You can store apples at room temperature on the counter for a few days.  To ripen an apple, simple place it in a brown paper bag and let it sit. If you’re planning to ...

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Get Rid Of Cellulite Naturally With A Detox Diet

Break out your “stems” with confidence this Spring. Here is an Anti-Cellulite Detox Diet that will help you smooth out your cellulite issue so you can flaunt those legs when warm weather arrives. Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually not true that cellulite is caused by toxins collecting under the skin. The truth is that cellulite is just plain fat.  The lumpy, bumpy appearance we know as cellulite is caused by ...

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ozone molecules

10 Reasons To Love Ozone

We heart ozone.  We just cant' say enough about how much we LOVE it! Here are 10 fun ozone (aka Activated Oxygen) facts: Ozone is a smart, inexpensive and safe solution as an anti-microbial agent for foods. Ozone kills bacteria 3,000 times faster than chlorine. Ozone is chemical free. Ozone is eco-friendly with only one by-product - oxygen. Ozone has full FDA approval for contact with foods, food storage, and food ...

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