5 Non-Toxic Ways to Remove Fridge Odors

If you’ve ever opened your refrigerator and been blown away by the scent that escaped from its depths, you are not alone. Many people have a difficult time keeping their refrigerators odor-free, especially if they forget to throw away old food before it begins to mold and rot.

While refrigerator odors are known to be ridiculously stubborn and difficult to remove, you don’t need to resort to scrubbing your shelves down with toxic chemicals. Here are five non-toxic odor removing techniques you can use to make your fridge smell fresh and clean in a natural and safe way.

1. Use Freshly-Ground Coffee

In addition to helping you perk up in the morning or any time of day you need an energy boost for that matter, coffee beans are also known for their ability to absorb smells. Simply put freshly-ground coffee beans on a plate in your refrigerator if it is smelling a little less than fresh.

While coffee beans can help absorb unpleasant odors, they don’t get right down to the source of the bad smell, so it is important to note that this technique is a quick fix and should be used with deep-cleaning techniques.

2. Use an Activated Oxygen Device 

Rather than simply masking bad odors, an activated oxygen device helps to remove impurities in the air that cause bad odors. It works by energizing oxygen molecules to create O3. This is the same process that occurs naturally in our environment when a thunderstorm rolls through and oxygen in our atmosphere is electrically charged, creating O3 to purify the air. The activated oxygen appliance mimics the same benefit, just on a much smaller scale.

The Fridge Fresh device uses activated oxygen to help fresh foods retain their maximum nutrient density for as long as possible and stay fresh up to three weeks longer compared to other food preservation methods. Put one of these convenient fridge odor remover devices on any shelf in your refrigerator and witness its impressive ability to maintain a fresh, clean smell in your fridge.

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3. Clean With Baking Soda

Baking soda is commonly used for household cleaning purposes because it works well for absorbing smells. If you don’t like the smell of coffee beans or don’t have any on-hand, baking soda is a great alternative.

To deep-clean your fridge with baking soda, create a baking soda paste with water, then use a clean washcloth to scrub each shelf in your refrigerator. Complete this process one shelf at a time and put the food from each shelf in a cooler to prevent spoiling while you work.

Once you have scrubbed down the entire interior of your fridge with the baking soda paste, open a small box of baking soda and place it on one of your refrigerator shelves. The baking soda will continually remove odors from your refrigerator and prevent it from becoming smelly again for a period of time. Replace the baking soda canister as recommended in the canister directions.

4. Use White Vinegar 

Cleaning your fridge with vinegar may seem counterintuitive since vinegar isn’t known for smelling very pleasant. However, it does have impressive odor-neutralizing capabilities that are similar to those of baking soda.

Create a cleaning solution with equal parts vinegar and water, then use it to wipe down your refrigerator shelves if baking soda didn’t sufficiently remove all of the odors. You can also leave an open cup of vinegar in your fridge for a few days to keep additional bad odors from forming.

5. Rub Vanilla or Lemon on Shelves

Once you have sufficiently removed the source of the bad smell and efficiently cleaned out your fridge, freshen things up with vanilla or lemon slices. Dab some genuine vanilla on a cotton ball, then rub it all over your refrigerator shelves to achieve a pleasant aroma.

If you enjoy a citrusy scent, you can also slice up a lemon and place the slices throughout your refrigerator. Just make sure you remember to remove the slices before they get moldy or you’ll only exacerbate your odor problem!

While these are all effective, non-toxic solutions for removing refrigerator odors, they may not work instantly. Sometimes it takes time to remove the most intense and stubborn refrigerator odors.

If necessary, repeat one or more of these natural odor-removal processes several times over the course of a few days until you successfully remove bad odors from your fridge. If you do not have an activated oxygen device in your fridge, it is also important to keep food covered tightly in order to prevent it from absorbing bad odors or contributing to future refrigerator odors.

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