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Sneaky Ways to Get Your Kids’ Veggie Servings In | Fridge Fresh
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Adults know vegetables are vital to a healthy existence. Children, however, know nothing is exciting enough to get them to eat them. Just saying the word sends them running from the dining room. So, what are parents to do? Here are seven sneaky ways to get your kids’ veggie servings in without them even knowing. 

1.    Puree Vegetables In A Sauce

A great way to use a variety of vegetables is to puree and make a variety of meals that use sauces. While children will see cut up veggies, they will not notice them as a puree mixed in with soups, a vegetable-based topping on meatloaf, or as a pasta sauce. Kids will never even know they are eating them which you can keep as your little secret. 

2.    Create Cute Edibles

Cute always sales! Disguising vegetables in creative ways is easy to do when you have mom superpowers. Make pizza pockets, roll-ups, or burritos filled with refried beans or spinach. Gooey, melted cheese disguises anything.  If you make things that kids love, they do not typically stop to figure out what is in them.

3.    Make Smoothies

It is easy to disguise vegetables when you present them to kids as fruit smoothies. Use spinach, carrots, kale, beets, and celery to create a blend of tasty vitamin supplements that your kids will not even taste because of the fruity flavoring. You can also add fresh ginger to offset the taste which is both hearty and flavorsome.

4.    Mince Them As An Extra Additive

If they are small enough, kids will not even notice them. You can add similarly colored vegetables to your favorite dishes which blend in well, or you can mince them to create a well-balanced meal full of veggies. Eggplant is perfect in meatloaf, but any vegetable will do when disguised between layers. 

5.    Tell Your Kids Stories

It is a fact that exciting stories help children relate to vegetables. Create a fun story by taking corn on the cob, dressing it with mayo, and adding cotija or feta cheese. Not only is it delicious, letting your little ones create their corn creation will add to the fun. They can also tell a story behind their newly created ‘Veggie Family’ existence. 

6.    Add Vegetables To Favorites Like Hamburger And Pizza 

Kids inevitably will crave favorites like hamburgers and pizza. When you make your patties, add vegetables to the mix. You can also do the same with pizza by adding vegetables in and on the sauce. You can also use cauliflower in the dough to create a yummy crust that kids will not even realize you substituted.

7.    Use Vegetables To Make Desserts

If you have never tried quinoa cupcakes, you do not know what you are missing. Whether it is red velvet or peanut butter and chocolate chips, your kids will enjoy the taste of quinoa. Another proven method is making brownies using beans and pumpkin. What is significant about these desserts is that they are also gluten-free. 

Finding sneaky ways to use vegetables in daily meals does not have to be a challenge when you create meals that are both healthy and delicious. You will find it a lot easier than getting your kids to eat raw vegetables. Your kids will love them and will never know the healthy goodness hidden in them.