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How to Get Rid of Fridge Odor and Keep Your Cool Container Smelling Clean | Fridge Fresh
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Picture this:


You’re standing in front of the pantry, thinking about what there is to snack on when you remember that you have a FRESH package of strawberries sitting on the top shelf of your fridge, waiting just for you.


With excited anticipation, you open the fridge door and… ew.


Before you can even reach for the strawberries, your nose crinkles with an icky smell.


There is a strange odor coming from your fridge but you have no idea what’s causing it. You rifle through your meats, cheeses, fruits, veggies, and leftovers and eventually locate the culprit — a rotten pepper at the back of the bin.


Even after you dispose of it though, the strange fridge odor still lingers for a while after and makes you crinkle your nose every time you open the door.


Sound familiar?


Fridge odor is a common occurrence that can plague even the most dutiful cleaners.


Even if you don’t have rotten food in your fridge, the air inside from time to time, can still get a strange just simply from all the food sitting in your fridge at all times as well not much air flow and circulation.


Luckily, fridge odor isn’t something you have to deal with.


With the right steps, you will clean and deodorize your fridge and keep it smelling FRESH all year long!


Before getting into the physical cleaning portion, let’s talk fridge cleaning products.


Your refrigerator is one of the most important areas in your kitchen. Housing both raw and cooked food as well as drinks and condiments, it’s vital that you keep your fridge clean with products that are meant for the fridge. Some cleaning products contain strong chemicals that are not healthy to come in contact with your delicious food.


So, can you use ordinary kitchen cleaning products in your fridge?


If the products are labeled as gentle and use natural ingredients, then they are fine for your fridge, but other products should be avoided.


Along with products specifically meant for the fridge, dish soap can also be used with warm water, and a clean cloth.


Here are a few easy steps to efficiently get rid of your refrigerator odor:


Clean out and clean up:


Set aside the time to take the plunge into your fridge and take everything out. Go through everything — check expiration dates as well as the looks and smells of all perishable foods.


With everything being out of the fridge, take the completely empty fridge as a rare opportunity to give it a good wipe down from top to bottom. For a thorough clean, take out all the bins and drawers and clean the empty spaces as well as the bins themselves.


If you’re feeling adventurous, take some time to do the same to your freezer. Believe it or not, even though it doesn’t happen as easily and as often, freezers can smell slightly weird too. Aside from that, it’s good practice to clean it every quarter at least to reduce bacteria and unwanted smells.


Enhance freshness with freshly ground coffee


Coffee is a wonderful addition to the fridge to keep it with a pleasant smell.


By spreading coffee grounds on a plate and leaving it in your fridge for an hour, your fridge’s air will smell refreshed.

Once you’re finished with the grounds, instead of throwing them out, you can mix it with soil to fertilize your house plants or vegetable garden.


Now that you’ve taken the time to clean and deodorize your fridge, the last thing you want is to have to do it all over again in a few weeks because of another piece of rotten food or just general lack of airflow in your fridge.


While cleaning the fridge and coffee grounds are great for single-use deodorization, neither is a sustainable solution for keeping your fridge smelling good long term.


We’ve been working in the “kitchen business” for years, and the only sustainable and long-term solution for keeping out fridge odor that is also non-toxic and safe for your food is FRIDGEFRESH®.


The FRIDGEFRESH® was specifically designed to get rid of fridge odor and give you the FRESH “Ahhhhh” scent you’re craving every time you open the door.


Stop the scenario where you excitedly go to get something to eat and have your appetite ruined by the strange smell in your fridge.


Instead, your appetite will increase when you face your clean fridge and see all of the fruits and veggies bacteria-free and ready for you to eat.


The technology of this fridge unit is amazing in that it spreads “Activated Oxygen” or 03, evenly and regularly which not only deodorizes your fridge to keep it smelling clean, but also slows down the bacteria growth on your fruits and vegetables which makes them last longer.


This is an important step in fridge care that will do so much more than keep your fridge clean of odor. It can also save you money and save the freshness of your fruit.


Don’t continue to just “deal with” a strange fridge odor — you don’t deserve that!


You deserve to have a clean smelling fridge that you’re excited to open.


By following these fridge tips, you will get rid of fridge odor for good.