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Summer Savings: 5 Ways to Save Money on Groceries this Summer | Fridge Fresh
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It’s finally summer!

Not only does that mean the kids are out of school, the sun is up, and fun activities are happening everywhere, but also that it’s time to get those summer savings.

Less money at the grocery store means more money for everything else you’ve got going on!

However, with the business of life, it can be difficult to find ways to save on groceries, especially when you’re constantly shopping and trying to feed and provide for your family and friends!

We’ve pulled together the top 5 ways to save money this summer and cut down on how much you spend at the grocery store:

#1. Farmers’ Markets

Just because fruits and veggies don’t look perfect doesn’t mean they’re not perfectly good!

Farmers market ‘seconds’ are the fruits and veggies that the grower thinks will not immediately sell, usually due to an outward appearance issue, such as having a blemish, scratch or seeming smaller compared to the others. A farmers’ ‘seconds’ might also be fruit and vegetables that they feel will spoil in the next few days, so they put them away in the back. The ‘seconds’ are never produced that are damaged in a harmful way, which is why they are such a great option for those who want to save money on groceries!

Due to the fact that the ‘seconds’ don’t look as perfect as the other pieces of produce, the farmer will heavily discount the price of them for you.

So, next time you’re at a farmers market, ask if they have some ‘seconds’ to sell and you might be greeted with a lovely surprise of perfectly tasty fruit for a much lower price!

#2. Grow your own vegetables.

How much do you spend on groceries over the span of three months?

Is it more than $100? Because that’s the average of how much it will cost to start your own vegetable garden and have it producing a wide variety of FRESH veggies for an entire season and beyond.

By growing your own vegetables, you can permanently cross a good amount of items off your grocery list and save money, not only this summer but for years to come!

Don’t be daunted by the ‘idea’ of how time-consuming and difficult starting your own garden is because it’s not true at all! Starting your own vegetable garden is much easier than spending tons of money on veggies every month.

Unsure of where to start? Check out our detailed guide to your own easy at-home vegetable garden.  

#3. Designate one night a week as meatless.

For those of you who are not vegetarian or vegan, it’s no secret that one of the most expensive items you purchase at the grocery store is meat. Good cuts are expensive, and while ribs, steak, and pork are delicious, they cut a lot into your pocket over time.

A great way to cut down on how much you’re spending at the grocery store is designating one night a week as a meatless meal — and if you can, two or more!

This will not only save you money on each trip to the grocery store but also open up the way to explore FRESH and healthier meals. Take this as an opportunity to experiment with delicious veggies and prepare them in ways you haven’t tried before! You might discover a meal that makes you feel just as good as any other night!

#4. Add FRIDGEFRESH® to your fridge

Nothing beats that amount of money you lose when you are forced to throw out once good fruits and veggies because they have gone bad in our fridge. Not to mention, thereafter the more money you spend going back to the store and re-purchasing more produce.

Luckily, there is something you can get that eliminates that upsetting process and saves you hundreds, not only this summer but every year on groceries — and that is the FRIDGEFRESH®!

It’s a small unit that sits at the back of your fridge on the top shelf and continuously cleans the air in your fridge — getting rid of all the bacteria that causes your produce to wilt, wither up, and go bad quickly. By extending the shelf-life of your produce for up to three weeks longer, this fridge unit allows you the time to get the best use out of everything you buy.

#5. Make your own frozen treats!

Instead of spending a huge chunk on treats and sweets at the grocery store, make your own at home! By doing this, you can provide healthier snacks for your family as well as saving quite a few bucks!

You can easily also turn this into a family and friend activity to do together and make a few sweet, summer memories.

For quick, easy and yummy cold treats, we recommend fruit-flavored ice cream, frozen yogurt, or frozen pops such as strawberry, mango or blackberry!

Whether you try one or all of these summer-savings tips, we hope that this list helps you save a little money this season and shows you how easy saving can be!

Happy saving FRESHies!!