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Spring Up your Kitchen! | Fridge Fresh
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There’s something about spring that inspires us all to freshen up our lives, whether it be the food we eat, the decor we have, or the clothes we wear — change is exciting. But a lot of the times, change equals cost and with so many other expenses in life, extra money to use on more material desires isn’t always lying around. However, there is one place in your home that you will be able to freshen up without emptying your wallet — your kitchen!

Bringing a little change and life back into your kitchen doesn’t have to cost you big bucks, you can spring up your kitchen this season with a few easy tips.


We have spent years practically living in kitchens and throughout that time have discovered so many fun additions and small alterations you can make to your kitchen that will breathe some FRESH back into it and make you smile every time you go to cook or sit down for a meal.


The kitchen is often the place where conversation and great memories occur. It’s where you cook with your family, where your loved ones come to eat, where you kids sit and do homework and where laughs are had over good food. It deserves some springing up and you deserve to have a little change.


Here are 6 simple, creative, and fun ways to spring up your kitchen this season:


#1. Grow herbs in mason jars


Whether you already grow your own at-home vegetable garden or you don’t have a green thumb at all, you can pull off this DIY kitchen project. Here’s all you need: small rocks for drainage, mason jars, soil, and herb seeds.


You can pick up rocks from your backyard or around the neighborhood and you can re-use old mason jars you might have tucked away in your pantry. As for herb seeds we recommend picking up basil, parsley, thyme, and rosemary.


Simply fill up the bottom of the jars with rocks, pour soil overtop, sprinkle with herb seeds and then add another thin layer of soil, set them on your kitchen windowsill, water them every once in awhile and watch them grow.


Growing your own herbs and adding it to your kitchen will add beautiful, fresh green life back into the decor of the room and encourage you to add more flavor to the food you cook since it’s all sitting right there!


#2. Freshen your air.


There’s nothing like a kitchen that smells FRESH and clean. The best way to create this is by naturally freshening the air that floats around your kitchen as well as in your fridge.


For your kitchen, you can whip together a small and easy DIY air freshener of sliced lemons, fresh rosemary from your mason jars and a tad of vanilla extract. If you add the ingredients to a saucepan with water and bring the mixture to a simmer, it will slowly fill the air of your kitchen and as an added bonus, will freshen the air throughout you entire home with fresh smelling fragrance.


To cleanse and freshen the air in your fridge, all you need is a FRIDGE FRESH. This small unit cleans the air of your fridge, effectively eliminating odor and leaving your fridge smelling fresh every time you open the door.


#3. Hang a plant


A plant will instantly add both color and oxygen to your kitchen and home. If all of the space on your counters are already taken up, hang one! You can find cute and cheap hanging plant containers online or in any outdoor store, use the soil you purchased for your herb jars, and pick up some seeds.


For plants that grow easily and on their own indoors, we recommend aloe vera, chinese evergreen, dumb cane, jade plant, or peace lily!


#4. Make fruit-infused water.


While it’s not a kitchen decor addition, it’s an amazing thing to have in your fridge for spring and summer.  


For fruit water, you can use about any fruit you have in your fridge. Everyone has their own taste preferences, so we suggest you figure out what you like best by just experimenting with different combinations of fruit. A few of our favorites are strawberries, oranges, kiwi or blueberries. Adding a few leaves from your basil plant will enhance the taste. What’s especially great about fruit water is that it can be made with the last few blueberries in the package or the last slices of watermelon that are about to spoil. It’s a great way to both make drinking water more exciting and flavorful as well as making use of all the fruit you bought.


#5. New fruit bowl.


It’s amazing how a small, pretty fruit bowl can brighten up the atmosphere of a kitchen. It doesn’t have to be a bowl or even a container that was made for fruit, any kind of bowl will work.

There’s also something very refreshing about displaying your fruit on the counter. It will add both texture and color to your kitchen. It also makes it snacking on fruit often convenient.


#6. Painted vase for flowers.


Pick up a plain vase and have your kids, spouse, or friends go at it with some paint and create for you a beautiful and colorful hand-painted vase to put your flowers in or just keep on your counter for decoration.


A hand painted vase will spice up your kitchen space, and will make you smile every time you see it because someone you care about painted it.


Springing up your kitchen decor is a stress free and fun experience. We hope that you find some FRESH enjoyment in your new kitchen atmosphere. If you like these ideas, check out our blog on how to spring clean your fridge.