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Updated Technology – Revolutionizing Your Refrigerator | Fridge Fresh
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Looking back over the history of technological advancement, the refrigerator stands out as one of the most critical inventions in our history. While refrigeration began in the 1750s, it was not until 1913 that home refrigeration became popular. It revolutionized how families consumed food, but it also brought about a change in usability as food that used to have a short shelf life could then be saved and used with future meals. 

Based on research, families today waste up to $2275 annually by throwing out food, so you can imagine how difficult it was financially for families before the invention of the refrigerator. While the invention drastically changed the world, refrigerator technology has failed to grow with the needs of the average family or consumer. 

Fridge Fresh not only implements scientifically proven technology for the home, but it is also on a path to revolutionize the agricultural industry since waste begins the moment fruit and vegetables are picked from their natural environment.


What Has Refrigerator Technology Focused On?

The technology over the last few decades has not focused on the longevity of the food so much as the functionality of the system itself. 

·     Uses dual cooling and freezing components to circulate air to the fridge and freezer. 

·     Ice dispensers created ice instead of having to use the plastic or metal trays.

·     Manufacturers made them more prominent rather than better suited to store food longer.

·     They now use sensors to differentiate between warm and cold temperatures.

·     The shelves are now made of glass instead of metal frames which helps stop spills from spreading which is a significant contributor to food waste and contamination.

·     The storage components are now bigger and broader than ever before.

Other than the width, the ice maker, and the separate storage containers, manufacturers have failed to keep up with the advancements in technology within the industry. 

What Are The Advantages Of Fridge Fresh?

Fridge Fresh has changed the way that families store and reuse food which is something that the commercial industry has failed to utilize as a regular component in refrigeration manufacturing. 

The benefits include:

·     Extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by up to ten days in cold environments.

·     Maintains a fresh and clean environment within the refrigerator because ozone regulates microbiological matter in the air.

·     Oxidizes bacteria, germs, and the virus that makes families sick after eating infected food.

·     Eliminates mold.

·     Eliminates odors and cross-contamination.

·     Higher levels of ozone can be used as a disinfectant in the home to kill more than 99.99% of harmful bacteria.

Facilities That Currently Use Ozone 

Ozone technology is commonly used in agriculture and meat industries to extend the farm to fridge shelf life. Industrial producers of potatoes, onions, and citrus all rely on oxidation technology. It is also used in storage containers for meat, seafood, aged ham, and any facility that uses cold storage for meat, fruits, and vegetables. 

Fridge Fresh technology regulates the way families use our product to save thousands of dollars a year in waste. As more experience with the product takes place, parents will also see how it affects the health of the entire family’s health and well-being.