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Spring Clean Your Fridge! | Fridge Fresh
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Spring is in full swing and probably so is your fridge!

If you’re like all of us here at FRIDGEFRESH ® , as the days get warmer, you begin filling your fridge with spring fruits, veggies, casseroles, pastas, and other yummy ingredients for seasonal dishes. But what about all the items and ingredients still left in your fridge from your wintertime cooking and eating? Or just from the last month? They most likely got pushed to the back and forgotten about as you filled your fridge with new, spring delights.

This creates a fridge that’s packed to the brim. There might even have been a moment recently where you’ve opened your fridge and thought — “How did it get so full?”

This means that it’s time to spring clean your fridge.

Just like your closet, study, desk, and life need a spring cleaning, so does your fridge!

It’s very easy to forget what you have bought and hard to realize what you no longer need or just honestly need to get rid of.

To start your fridge cleaning… Empty it all out!

That’s right. Take the plunge and take everything out of your fridge. This will allow you to really asses everything you have as well as perform some great re-organization as you put everything you want to keep back.

  • Check expiration dates on EVERYTHING.
  • Check for mold, even if the product hasn’t expired yet, especially on cheeses, fruits, veggies, and leftovers.
  • If there’s any raw meat that you bought recently and don’t plan on cooking within the next few hours, throw it in the freezer until you need it.
  • If there’s any raw meat that has been in your fridge for over five days, throw it out.
  • Those” Tupperware” containers filled with leftovers from dishes you made awhile back? Clean them out!

Once you’ve gone through everything, and culled out all the old, bad, rotten, and uneeded items… Sanitize your fridge!

Real refrigerator cleaning includes physically wiping down the inside of your fridge with a disinfectant. When is the next time that you’ll have your fridge completely empty? Take advantage of this opportunity and hit two birds with one stone with your fridge spring cleaning.

The next important step you shouldn’t skip in this fridge cleansing process is… cleaning refridgerator coils.

Now that the shelves of your fridge are clean… It’s time to clean the air that circulates inside of your fridge.

You want your fresh spring ingredients to be surrounded by the cleanest air possible, and even with regular sanitizing, many people still experience a weird odor in their fridge that doesn’t seem to come from any one specific place. So, how do you get that nasty smell out of the fridge?

Well, just like your food, you can spring clean the air in your fridge too with FRIDGE FRESH ® .

Our fridge unit not only extends the shelf life of your produce for up to 3-weeks but also purifies the air in your fridge, successfully getting rid of that weird odor you have, for good. No more crinkling your nose every time you open the fridge door, only smells of FRESH.

Now, all you have left to do is… put everything back!

Organize your food items in a way that make the most sense to you and proudly shut the door knowing that you have spring cleaned your fridge and the next time you go to get a goodie, you’ll experience a FRESH fridge.

For ultimate FRESHness, put your most needed fruits or veggies on the top shelf next to your FRIDGEFRESH ® unit to keep the produce super FRESH for days, even weeks.