It would be easy to list hundreds of ways our Fridge Fresh technology will save you, by following our blog, you know how easy that is to accomplish. Have you ever thought about what else you could extend the shelf life of? Here are seven ideas summer family savings.

1.     Make Your Own Juice or Smoothies Instead Of Buying

One of the most significant benefits of our Fridge Fresh activated oxygen technology is the ability to extend usage times of fruits and vegetables to save time and money. Now that your family has access to lots of fruits and veggies that are ideal for keeping families hydrated all throughout the hot summer months, take advantage of their availability by making your own freshly made juices or summer smoothies.  

2.     Take Advantage Of Summer Reward Programs

Would you like to take an affordable vacation this summer? There are many summer reward programs that benefit family saving initiatives. There are also many retailers that offer rewards that save your family money. When you add credit card cash back deals to retailer programs, you can quickly build up points for free summer lodging or flights. 

3.     Cut Down On Electricity During Summer Months

Most families rack up high utility bills in the summer since air conditioning is a must when temperatures soar. Try cutting down on usage by buying a smart thermometer to regulate electric bills. You can also buy smart plugs that go into sleep mode when devices and lamps are not in use. It also allows you to control them via a wi-fi connection when you forget to turn them off. It can significantly save your family 25% or more on bills.

4.     Save Recycling Materials To Spend On Summer Vacation

One of the easiest ways to save money is to make it by engaging in a recycling campaign. Saving aluminum and other precious metals will quickly build up which promise a payout that will cover a family vacation of a lifetime. Moreover, your family will appreciate the vacation more since they earned it by working for it. #SummerGoals 

5.     Make Meals Based On Local Grocery Summer Sales

If you are not a coupon shopper, you might not have noticed that stores offer instant rebate rewards to loyal customers. Sign up for electronic ads and design your meal plan on available deals. It is an easy way to save hundreds of dollars each month.

6.     Declutter And Have Yard Sales To Grow A Family Savings Account

Yard sales have a host of benefits. Not only can you make a good deal of money by getting rid of older household items, but you can make money you need to reinvest back into the household. You can also pay off credit card debts or other pressing bills.  

7.     Start A Free Neighborhood Baby-Sitting Co-Op Program For Parents

Parents love a night off every now and again. How about starting a free neighborhood babysitting co-op so that each family can participate? Not only will each parent benefit by hosting a night, but it helps reduce the expenses that families would normally incur.

Has your family taken a vacation after practicing a money-saving event? Let us know about it on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest so that other families can start saving for their vacations, too!