During this month of love and appreciation, have you been loving your fridge?

Yes, that’s right – have you been giving your fridge some TLC? Loving your fridge is an important part of keeping a clean and polished kitchen. This stainless steel cooling container in your cooking space is what keeps all of the food and produce that you’ve purchased with your hard-earned fresh and ready to eat whenever you need it.

Why shouldn’t you love it? Something that impertinent to your daily life should be loved and appreciated every day.

But how do you LOVE your fridge?

Some ways are simple and some you might not have thought of before, but all lead to a healthy fridge and a FRESH kitchen.

Here are the four best ways to LOVE your fridge:

#1. Clean the condenser coils

A part of your fridge that most people don’t think about, or even know exists, are the condenser coils. These two pieces remove the heat from both your fridge and freezer and need to be cleaned twice per year. They are located at the back or beneath your fridge and are quite easy to clean off.

Over time, dust and dirt cling to the coils and when you don’t clean them every six months, it makes it harder for the coils to remove the heat. This leads to increased energy consumption which not only increases your electricity bill because it takes more to keep your fridge cool but it can also lead to problems and costly repairs.

By making sure you clean your coils regularly, you take care of your fridge and your wallet.


#2. Defrost it

If your fridge doesn’t have an automatic defrosting system, then you need to make sure that you manually defrost it whenever the ice grows past ½ an inch. If you let the ice accumulate too much, it can start to affect both the functioning of your fridge and the temperature of your food. Ever find a pepper, chunks of pineapple, or a piece of chicken slightly frozen near the back of your fridge? That’s usually because there’s too much frost and certain areas of your fridge are getting too chilly.

To manually defrost your fridge, first take everything out of it. While this might seem like a hassle, it’s worth it in the end. Once you’ve emptied your lovely fridge, turn off the thermostat and unplug the unit to let the frost melt. Once it has, go in and wipe off all the moisture and water. Plug the fridge back in and your good to fill it back up.

Sometimes loving your fridge isn’t easy, it takes work, but with some effort, you can keep your fridge in pristine condition so it can keep preserving your food.


#3. Deodorize

Love your fridge by keeping it free of smell and bacteria that causes not only odor but also makes your produce to go bad faster. Many people are used to using baking soda to reduce the odors in your fridge, however this can be costly as the box of baking soda doesn’t last forever and needs to be changed throughout the year.

The easiest way to remove the odors from your fridge is by adding the FRIDGE FRESH unit to your fridge. Battery operated, this unit can sit in a permanent spot in your fridge on the top smell and it removes the odors by getting rid of the bacteria that builds up in your fridge day and night which not only removes that weird odor that comes from your fridge but also helps keep your produce fresher for up to three weeks.

Bacteria in the air in your fridge is what causes your blueberries and peppers to shrivel up and your lettuce to wilt in what seems like a very short time after you purchase them. Our FRIDGE FRESH unit circulates additional oxygen, or O3, throughout your fridge which helps remove and kill that produce-decaying bacteria. This, in turn, keeps fruit and veggies fresher and edible for way longer than they ever would be without it.


#4 Fill it with FRESH

The last way to LOVE your fridge is by filling it up with FRESH food that makes both you and your body happy and healthy.

What you consume is such a huge part of how you feel each and every day and how focused and productive you are.

The more FRESH food that you put in your fridge, the more excited you’ll be to head into the kitchen and open the fridge door when you’re hungry for a snack or about to prepare a meal. Over time, as your body gets used to enjoying good fruits and veggies, the more likely you will be to continue reaching for those healthy foods rather than place an expensive takeout order.

As we always say… A healthy fridge is a healthy life.