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Tips For Food Storage that Prolong the Shelf Life of Fruits and Vegetables | Fridge Fresh
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When it comes to one of the most visited spots in the house – the fridge – we all have our own system of organization. While some of us may follow a very strict regiment on how and where our groceries are arranged, others might just want to make sure nothing gets squished and that everything fits in so the door can shut properly. Whatever system you follow, you might be missing a few storage tricks that can help to maximize the amount of time your fruits and veggies can stay FRESH in your fridge.

First, a few DO NOT’s:

  • Try to stay away from storing your fruits and vegetables next to each other. Fruits give off high levels of ethylene, which cause any veggies stored next to them to ripen quicker.

  • When it comes to bananas, keep those yummy, yellow snacks away from all of your other fruits. The will speed up the ripening of any fruit they’re next to.

  • If you’re storing your veggies in a bag, container, or drawer, make sure there is a hole or some opening for air flow. The less air flow, the faster they will rot.

  • If possible, don’t pack veggies too closely next to each other. The more room they have to breathe, the slower they will go bad.

It’s no wonder food preservation is such a hot topic these days, with produce not getting any cheaper, the search for ways to prolong the shelf life of fruits and veggies is on-going in many households. If you’re going to spend a pretty penny to have healthy and fresh produce in your kitchen, then it’s important to do everything you can to maximize the freshness so that you are able to enjoy all of what we have purchased.

When it comes to berries, the key is to minimize the amount of moisture with the fruit. Whether it’s strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, or raspberries, you’ll want to keep them as dry as possible. You can do this by placing a paper towel at the bottom of whatever container you’re storing them in and swapping it out for a new one if it becomes damp.

As for leafy greens, the steps to keeping these veggies fresh are sweet and simple. First, if they are tied up with anything, cut them loose. Then, soak them in water before storing. And last, make sure they aren’t completely sealed in a container.

While they might seem tricky, fresh herbs are easy to store if you know the trick. Wash out the alcohol and use your shot glasses to store some of your favorite natural flavorings instead. Treat your herb like a beautiful bouquet of flowers by sticking the stems in the glasses partially filled with water, and your herbs will be ready for many meals to come.

Our last fruit and vegetable storage tip is one that can truly help every piece of produce in your fridge. It’s the placement of a small device on your top shelf that will make a world of a difference for your produce, and it’s called FRIDGEFRESH. Our food preservation unit extends the shelf life of fruit and vegetables to the point where they will stay fresher for up to three times longer. This allows you more time to use and enjoy more of the produce in your fridge before it goes bad and you have to painfully toss it out. The FRIDGEFRESH unit uses activated oxygen that circulates through your fridge and kills the pollutants that cause your produce to go bad not long after you’ve brought it home from the store. There is no food storage trick that will make your produce last longer than setting them next to a FRIDGEFRESH unit.