Refrigerator smells are common. For the most part, aging food is found to be the culprit. The problem is that plastic absorbs odors which becomes even more problematic long-term. If you are looking for a non-toxic odor remover, Fridge Fresh will solve both issues permanently.


Historically, people have chosen to do a clean out and deep cleanse which often takes hours to complete. People also choose to throw everything away if the cause of the smell is not clear. After using scouring pads and harmful chemicals, it may not even solve the issue. Baking soda, vinegar, activated charcoal, vanilla, and even coffee grounds are erroneously used to balance it.

When it persists, it leads to consumers opting to buy new refrigerators which are neither the best solution for the odors or the people who choose to replace it. According to research, consumers budget between $900 and $8000 to buy a new refrigerator. What if you could keep a new refrigerator from smelling as well as extend the life of your produce by seven to ten days? 

What Is The Best Way To Prevent Odors?

Simply cleaning your refrigerator is not enough to combat strong odors. The main component of refrigerators is plastic which absorbs any odors present. While some people believe that baking soda targets smell, it is the presence of bacteria and mold that is the primary cause for concern. 

Another issue is the drawers that house your produce. Due to humidity control settings, you must store produce based on their types. Fruits and vegetables that emit ethylene gas require low humidity storage. Produce sensitive to ethylene gas which tends to wilt need higher humidity.

A Fridge Fresh unit will ensure that food stays fresher longer and absorbs odors before the storage becomes problematic. You will also not have to discard food as often which will save you time, food costs, and the need for new appliance replacements.  

Fridge Fresh is also a safe and environmentally-friendly non-toxic odor remover because it uses activated oxygen to removes harmful microbes and pollutants that tend to live in a refrigerator. It will also prevent the odors from absorbing naturally into the plastic surface.

The microbes and pollutants cause the mold and wilting appearance on your fruits and vegetables. It is the activated oxygen technology that prolongs the shelf life of produce by seven to ten days as the O3 atom transforms to O2 which allows oxidation to occur. 

The natural process of oxidation is the technology behind Fridge Fresh as it disinfects your refrigerator including access points like the produce bins, racks, and plastic materials. Oxygen technology is also much safer than bleach or harmful chemicals which keeps your family safe.

Fridge Fresh is a unique and innovative product by Activated Oxygen Technologies that reacts to dangerous germs, pollutants, and microbes that are known causes of food born illness and produce aging. You can buy Fridge Fresh right now for only $29.98 which can potentially save your family about $2,200 a year in food costs and spoilage.