Let’s face it. Monday to Friday are the worst days to prepare home-cooked meals. From work to school, most parents want easy-to-cook recipes after an exhausting day at the office.  So, what if you could have easy homemade meals? Here is our favorite recipe round-up. Three easy dinners will leave your family well-fed and ready for the leftovers.


1.     Spicy Salmon and Cilantro Rice


Salmon Fillets (One Per Family Member)

Olive Oil

1 Lime Squeezed For Juice (Lime Is A Great Substitute For Salt)

½ tsp. onion powder

2garlic cloves

1tsp. chili powder

1tsp cumin

1tsp. paprika

Salt (Make Sure You Measure To Taste)



Salmon: In a medium bowl, whisk the seasonings, lime juice, and olive oil. Marinate salmon in the mixture making sure each piece is evenly coated. Heat your grill to medium heat. Once hot, spray with cooking spray. Add salmon. Once ready to flip, add a bit of mixture to top and finish cooking. 

Cilantro Rice: 

1 Cup Rice

2 Cups Water

1tbs. Butter

½ cup cilantro

2 Tbs. Lime Juice

Lime Zest

½ Onion

Directions: Cut up and sauté onion in butter. When clear, add rice. Cook until you hear a grainy, sandy sound. Add water, reduce heat, cover, and cook for 20 minutes (or until tender). Add the cilantro, lime juice, and lime zest to the mixture. Fluff and serve.

Note: Make mixture for salmon first and add salmon. Then start the rice dish. While it is cooking on low, it will give you enough time to prepare the salmon. 

Prep and prepare time: 30 minutes

2.     Enchiladas

This recipe is ideal for weekend chicken leftovers. It only takes a few minutes to prepare this tasty meal that the entire family will enjoy.


Chicken (breasts work best)

Tortillas (Note: If Gluten-Free, Choose Corn Based)

1 Cup Of Enchiladas Sauce 

Manchego Cheese (Cheddar Is Okay, too)

1 Onion, Green Chili Pepper, and Garlic Clove

Cooking Spray

Directions: Sauté onion, green chili pepper, and garlic clove until done. Put in a bowl with the cooked chicken breast. Add seasoning and mix. Cover tortillas with a paper towel and put in microwave for 30 seconds. Make the homemade sauce in a blender. Take off tomato peels and cut in squares. Add to blender with chili peppers, onions, garlic, and seasoning. Once warm, add mixture to tortillas. Roll over once, bring in ends, and continue rolling until secure. Use cooking spray on your baking pan before adding the rolled enchiladas to it. Pour sauce over them until lightly covered. Add cheese. Cook in 350-degree oven for 15 minutes or until cheese is readily melted. 

Total prep and cooking time: 30 minutes

Note: If you have leftover pinto or black beans, they make for a great refried bean recipe to go along with this easy meal.

3.     Sticky Chicken and Quinoa Tabbouleh

4 Chicken Thighs (skin removed)

1 Tbs. Oil

½  Tsp. Onion powder

½ Tsp. Cayenne

1 Tbs. Sugar

Directions: Add seasoning to the chicken. Add oil to the pan. Add chicken to the pan over medium heat and cook until done. Remove from pan. Sprinkle sugar to the bottom of the pan. Stir being careful not to burn. Add chicken back to pot and continue to brown. The chicken will become sticky. Remove from heat.

Quinoa Tabbouleh:

2 Cups Cooked Quinoa

1 Cup Cherry Tomatoes

½ Cup Chopped Mint Leaves

1 Cup Parsley Leaves

¼ Cup Chives

2 Tbs. Olive Oil

2 Tbs. Lemon Juice

Grated Lemon Zest

Salt and Pepper

Directions: Add first five ingredients to bowl and mix. In a separate small bowl, combine the remaining ingredients. Add to quinoa mix and fluff to mix. 

Prep and Cook Time: 30 Minutes

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