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5 Reasons Why FRIDGE FRESH Kills Fridge Odors Better Than Other Methods

Are you thinking about buying a product for your fridge to counterbalance the odors you keep smelling every time you open the door even though you have cleaned it countless times? It happens to everyone, ...

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Why FRIDGE FRESH Is The Perfect Gift For The Holiday Season

In 2017, the average family spent an average of $967.13 on winter holiday gifts. The average family also lost about $1410 last year from food waste. So, when you start looking for a gift this ...

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funky fridge odors

How To Get Rid Of Funky Fridge Odors

Do you have problems with refrigerator odors? There is a lot of odor removing methods to get rid of funky fridge smells, but unless you find a full-time solution, the day-in-and-out contact will only ensure ...

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Causes Of Fridge Odors

Top 6 Causes Of Fridge Odors

Refrigerator odors are very easy to detect but extremely difficult to get rid of no matter how much cleaning solution, mint, or vanilla you clean with. Some people assume that odors are the cause of ...

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Want Your Own Fridge Fresh Unit? Enter The E-Savings Giveaway!

Whether you want your first unit or would love a second device for a friend, there is no better time to introduce your fridge to Fridge Fresh activated oxygen technology by entering E-Savings Blog give-a-way. ...

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