How To Keep Lettuce Fresh And Your Grocery Bill Down

Cost of lettuce on the rise

You may have noticed that lettuce is getting expensive these days.   It’s a fact that we are shelling out a few dollars more for lettuce and leafy greens as a result of the epic 5-year drought in California.  Although some are saying the drought has come to end, it may be a while before grocery shoppers begin to feel some relief at the check-out line.

Interesting enough, it’s not the lack of water that has caused the crop shortage.  The adverse effects on California crops has resulted from a combination of factors – the drought ending, the unusually rapid snow melt caused by a warm winter, and heavy rains on top of that.  Many of the crops have drowned as a result of the extra wet circumstances, rending many of our favorite leafy greens unfit to be sold.  California’s lettuce production accounts for approximately 71% of the total crop.  Other regions in America grown leafy greens, particularly Arizona, but in much smaller quantities.

Consumers are paying $1 more on average per head of lettuce.    According to a report in the New York Daily News one head of iceberg lettuce could cost you upwards of $5.99 at your local supermarket.   The cost of a carton of celery heads has tripled since February, according to the USDA.

Experts are forecasting that the salad shortage could affect consumer’s pockets for the next few months.   With that in mind, let’s move on to a solution that can save you some money until the lettuce shortage gets back under control.

How to keep lettuce fresh longer in the fridge

There are several ways you can keep lettuce fresh for weeks in your refrigerator. The best way to keep Iceberg lettuce fresh is to wrap it in a thin moist towel before you store it in your crisper drawer.  Keeping it wrapped up tight until you’re ready to use it will keep lettuce fresh and crisp for more than a week.  If you notice the outside of the leaves are brown or wilted, simply pull them off and discard them.  Most of the time, the inner leaves remain in excellent condition, even when the outer leaves are not. Learn more tips for storing leafy greens and 50+ other varieties of fresh produce so they will stay fresh longer for you.

A natural solution to keep lettuce fresh

The Fridge Fresh unit significantly improves how long lettuce and leafy greens can stay fresh in your refrigerator.  The Fridge Fresh unit is a compact device that releases natural activated oxygen inside your refrigerator to save many types of vegetables and fruits from spoiling too soon.  According to the National Resources Defense Council, Americans waste 30-40% of the edible food they purchase.  This translates to $1,500 – $2,200 per year for the average American family.  For less than $30, the Fridge Fresh unit is one smart way to save money on your fresh groceries.  Would you spend $30 to save $1,500 per year on groceries.

Visit to learn more about the science behind this natural solution.  It’s the best way to keep lettuce fresh longer and by far the best investment you’ll make in your kitchen this year.


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