Fridge Fresh is an innovative, all natural cleaning solution.

Why 03 and the Fridge Fresh Unit

A revolutionary refrigerator appliance that maximizes nutrients, reduces food waste and benefits the environment via the timed release of activated oxygen. O3 is one of nature’s most powerful purifiers, harnessing a unique ability to remove pollutants and kill microbes.

Activated Oxygen

Otherwise known as O3, activated oxygen effectively neutralizes common bacteria, mold, ethylene gas, and other harmful microbes that trigger fresh foods to ripen and decay at an accelerated pace inside your refrigerator.

Patented Design

Inspired by sustainable food practices, Fridge Fresh is one of the first devices of its kind to be proven effective by independent laboratory tests.


Fridge Fresh is a simple solution to keep food fresh UP TO 3 TIMES LONGER without the need for plastic bags, plastic wraps, or traditional food preservation containers. As one of nature’s most powerful purifiers, O3 is an organic, non-toxic, and unique alternative to products that use chemicals to rid your fridge of harmful pollutants and unwanted odors.

Claims & Substantiation

Clinical data confirms the ability of Fridge Fresh to extend the life of raw fruits & vegetables, deter molding and eliminate refrigerator odors.