Hooray For Asparagus Season

Asparagus Season Has Arrived.

Even though you can find asparagus outside of these next few months, now is the time to really enjoy it.  The amount of time that goes by between the time asparagus is picked and when you eat it will greatly impact the flavor. Generally, after asparagus is picked, the sugars inside the asparagus turn to starch causing the stalks to become woody and bland. So keep an eye out for freshly harvested asparagus at your local farmer’s market or farm stand.  Now is the time to enjoy the best asparagus of the year!

Benefits of Asparagus

This Spring vegetables, a cousin of onion and garlic, is a great source of fiber and packed with nutrients like vitamins A, C, E and K, and essential minerals like calcium, magnesium and zinc.  Asparagus is also a good source of folate, which the body needs to repair DNA and product healthy blood cells, and chromium which helps insulin transport glucose from the bloodstream into the cells.

How To Buy, Store, and Eat Asparagus

When choosing asparagus, pick stalks that are firm and have tightly closed buds at the top.  If you buy it from the grocery store, be sure to check the label to see where it came from.  Opt for asparagus that has a shorter length of travel time before it makes it to the store.   If you are planning to grill, sear, or broil them, use stalks that are thicker – they will stand up better to the heat.  If you plan to stir fry or eat it raw, thinner asparagus stalks will work great for these purposes.  For a charred flavor, grill rather than roast the asparagus. Add lemon juice or think lemon slices to bring out the sweetness of asparagus.

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