How To Eliminate Moldy Food In Your Fridge

Have you ever thought to yourself … how bad is it REALLY to eat food that has a little mold on it?

We have an answer for you.  Mold is a fungus that grows on a microscopic level.  It starts small, and grows bigger and bigger until you can eventually see it with the naked eye.  The mold also grows tiny strands called Hyphae that spread out beyond the main mold colony and spider their way through the soft parts of the same piece of food.

What that means is that when you see a piece of food with mold growing on it, there is actually a whole lot more mold that you are not seeing on that piece of food. This is less important when dealing with foods that are dense, like hard cheeses and cured meats.  But for softer porous foods like bread, vegetables, or delicate fruits like berries, cutting off the moldy part that you see, doesn’t eliminate the problem.  You will most likely still end up eating a lot of mold that you can’t see.

The safest bet is to throw spoiled food away.  An even better solution is to prevent the food in your fridge from growing mold in the first place.  Sound difficult?   Well it’s not.  The Fridge Fresh unit is a natural solution that you can buy for less than $30 that will neutralize mold, mildew, and fungus inside your refrigerator.  That means you can keep your food fresh for weeks and keep mold out of the equation completely.   Thank goodness for technology!

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