Dr. Michael Murray partners with BerryBreeze to celebrate Earth Day with a clever solution

Just in time for Earth Day on April 22nd, Dr. Michael Murray shines the spotlight on a natural solution that can help people eat healthy and save the planet at the same time.

Dr. Michael Murray, one of the leading authorities on nutrition and natural medicine, recently announced his support of a clever little device that makes it more convenient than ever to get your recommended dose of 5-7 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables per day.

Studies on consumer behavior in grocery stores reveal that shoppers are hesitant to buy fresh produce in large quantities out of fear that it will spoil before they can eat it. The National Resources Defense Council who launched the national media campaign “Save the Food”, estimates that Americans throw away 30-40% of the fresh food they purchase.  It never feels good to toss food and money in the trash, yet we all do it.

Besides the frustration that comes along with wasting money and watching perfectly good food go bad, there is the environmental factor to consider.  Wasted food is the single largest contributor to U.S. landfills today.

“If global food waste were a country, it would have the third-largest greenhouse-gas footprint in the world – ranking right behind the U.S. and China in terms of how much carbon pollution is generated from its growing, cooling, transportation and disposal,” proclaims the NRDC.   That’s because wasted foods rotting away in landfills produce methane, a colorless gas which pollutes the air and warms the atmosphere causing a vicious cycle in global warming.  While methane on its own is not poisonous, methane is highly explosive and can become deadly when ignited or mixed with other substances.  Methane gas underground has been responsible for many of the disastrous mining and oil rig explosions that have tragically killed hundreds of people.

Limiting food waste right in our own homes is one easy way we can each play a role in saving our planet.  Yes, the goal is to throw away less food that will ultimately end up in landfills. However, contrary to popular belief, the answer is not to buy less fresh food.  The real answer is to prevent the fresh fruits and vegetables we buy from spoiling too soon.  Fortunately, we now have access to a natural solution that does just that.

Expert health and nutrition expert, Dr. Michael Murray, has recently announced his support of an affordable kitchen device that uses science from Mother Nature to extend the life of fresh fruits and vegetables.  The Fridge Fresh unit weighs less than 1 lb. and releases O3, oxygen in its most powerful form, to combat the microorganisms inside your refrigerator that speed up the ripening process and trigger fresh fruits and vegetables to decay prematurely.

“The Fridge Fresh unit is amazing. I’ve had a unit in my refrigerator for over 3 years now and can attest that it works as claimed. It pays for itself in the first few weeks. It truly keeps my fruits and vegetables fresh longer, especially berries.  The Fridge Fresh unit is a must have solution,” says Dr. Murray.

Dr. Michael Murray has dedicated his life to educating physicians, his patients, and the public on the healing power of nature.  A true pioneer in alternate health, Dr. Murray promotes a diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables as the key to heal our bodies and achieving optimal health.

So it seems we have come full circle. The answer to eating nutritious, natural fresh foods, and the answer to protecting our environment by reducing food waste at home, comes from the same simple solution born from nature itself.  Henry Ford once said, “Don’t find fault, find a remedy.”    As individuals and collectively as a community, we have tremendous power to make a positive impact on our environment and our health simply by using the gifts Mother Nature has created for us.

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