extends the life of fresh foods

Up to 3X’s Longer

  • Saves fruits and vegetables from spoiling
  • Makes fridge smell fresh and clean
  • NO filters to clean or replace
  • Proven safe and effective

Why Fridge Fresh?

  • Keeps Fridge Smelling Fresh and Clean
  • Removes harmful microbes and odor-causing bacteria
  • Preserves Freshness of Fruits and Vegetables
  • Keeps food fresh up to 3x longer than average
  • Reduces Food and Plastic Waste
  • Eliminates the need for plastic wraps, plastic bags and food storage containers

About Fridge Fresh technology

What Is It?
A revolutionary refrigerator appliance that maximizes nutrients, reduces waste and benefits the environment via the timed release of activated oxygen.

Patented Design
Inspired by sustainable food practices, Fridge Fresh is the first device of its kind to be proven effective by independent laboratory tests.

Claims & Substantiation
Clinical data confirms the ability of Fridge Fresh to extend the life of raw fruits & vegetables, deter molding and eliminate refrigerator odors.

Activated Oxygen
Otherwise known as O3, activated oxygen effectively neutralizes common bacteria, mold, ethylene gas, and other harmful microbes that trigger fresh foods to ripen and decay at an accelerated pace inside your refrigerator.

Fridge Fresh is a simple solution to keep food fresh UP TO 3 TIMES LONGER without the need for plastic bags, plastic wraps, or traditional food preservation containers. As one of nature’s most powerful purifiers, O3 is an organic, non-toxic, and unique alternative to products that use chemicals to rid your fridge of harmful pollutants and unwanted odors.

Why O3
O3 is one of nature’s most powerful purifiers, harnessing a unique ability to remove pollutants and kill microbes.

Is Fridge Fresh safe?

YES, Fridge Fresh is perfectly safe for household use. In June of 2001, the FDA approved O3 for use as an antimicrobial agent for direct contact with foods, food storage, and processing.

O3 is used to treat air and water in many important applications to help purify our environment and promote better health. As Fridge Fresh releases the O3 and the oxidation process occurs, the O3 instantly converts back to pure oxygen, O2. Since the O3 does not accumulate inside your refrigerator, Fridge Fresh is not able to produce unhealthy or toxic levels of O3 that would be harmful.