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Why Fridge Fresh?

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  • Extends Life of Fresh Foods: Activated Oxygen (O3) neutralizes common elements inside your fridge that trigger fresh foods to spoil.
  • Limits Food Waste and Saves Money: Helps your grocery budget go further and protects your investment of natural and organic foods.
  • Makes Refrigerator Smell Fresh and Clean: Eliminates odor casuing bacteria and prevents the transfer of offensive fridge smells between foods.
  • Convenient and Compact Design: No filters to clean or absorption packs to replace.  Indicator light turns red when it’s time for new batteries.  (Batteries last 3-4 months).

How Fridge Fresh Technology Works

What Is It?

A revolutionary refrigerator appliance that maximizes nutrients, reduces waste and benefits the environment via the timed release of activated oxygen.

Patented Design

Inspired by sustainable food practices, Fridge Fresh is one of the first devices of its kind to be proven effective by independent laboratory tests. Patent US 7,687,040 B2

Claims & Substantiation

Clinical data confirms Fridge Fresh’s ability to lengthen food’s freshness, deter molding and eliminate refrigerator odors.

Activated Oxygen

Otherwise known as O3, activated oxygen is able to neutralize bacteria and mold, eliminate pollutants and keep refrigerated foods fresh up to two to three times longer.

Why O3

O3 is one of nature’s most powerful purifiers, harnessing a unique ability to remove pollutants and kill microbes.


Fridge Fresh is a safe, simple and scientifically proven product that may benefit your health, wallet and the planet.


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